Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CDs as Wall Art

Many music lovers, such as myself, have an over-abundance of CD cases and cover art hanging around. The solution I can up with was to find some white boards that were being thrown away, remove the pen tray from the bottom, drill some holes, and screw the pen trays to the wall - thus creating a shelf that holds CDs perfectly.

I know I have always had the issue that my art seemed very small on my wall, but large art was very expensive. But everyone has CDs floating around - at least the people who would be reading this would. If you can scavenge the pen trays, as I was able, then the project becomes nearly free.

A couple more pics might put it in better perspective. I have had this up in my last three houses.

Sorry about the quality of this one. It is very old.

I didn't do a very good job in my current installation. I plan on redoing it in the next week.


A couple more pictures surfaced in my iPhoto:

These are from my college dorm room.

With my lame IKEA couch + grandma quilt.

Better view of the trays.

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Samuel Torres said...

I found this through a series of reposts. It ended up somewhere on my google search for CD racks, just like you alluded to.
I guess that makes for one positive for my generation's obsession with reposting every little thing.

Anyway, I didn't have spare whiteboards lyin' around, so I bought some nails and crown molding at Home Depot. Exactly what I was looking for.


Samuel Torres said...

I found this through a chain of reposts. Somehow it ended up on my google search for CD racks, as you alluded to. I guess that's one positive about my generation's reposting of everything.

I didn't have any spare whiteboards lying around, of course, so I bought some nails and crown molding at Home Depot. It's freaking beautiful. I take a lot of pride in my little CD collection and the album covers are real personal too. Since I have all the actual CD's in the car, now I found something to do with the case designs that I'm just as into.



Samuel Torres said...

Cool to see In Motion up there. Never seen anyone with Copeland.